Hi guys, definitely about time for another blog post !

My first awesome entry is that I finally have a job! I’m over the moon about this. Sales Advisor for Currys, the UK’s largest electrical retailer. It’s temporary work over the Christmas period, minimum 20 hours per week .If I prove myself to them, there is the possibility of a permanent job after the temporary contract ends :) (January 5th)

In the mean time things will be a bit hectic for me. Due to the cost of rent, etc, I’m going to be moving into a smaller bedsit. This is so that I can hopefully afford my rent while I’m waiting to be paid (which is also in January, after the contract ends). That aside things are most definitely looking up :) A more stable Ikey is a more stable SolusOS :)

In other most awesome news, the installer is rapidly developing into a rather elegant solution. It was meant to be finished already and I apologise for the delay. I really wasn’t expecting to get a job, despite how long I’ve been looking :) You can see the source code of the installer as it’s being currently developed, at https://bitbucket.org/solusos/installer

So far, I’ve made 356 commits to the source repository :) It’s written entirely in Vala, which actually compiles to C. This means its awesomely fast :)   Many problems plagued the previous installer, but one insanely large barrier was resource usage. Copying files used a ridiculous amount of memory, so that low memory systems have a hard time when installing SolusOS from the LiveCD.

It’s very modular, rather beautiful and above all very fast. To ensure that everything is “done right” it uses libparted for native disk access, so we can actually add a true partitioner to the installer. Not only that, certain tricks like looking up your location via GeoIP binding to display it as a default choice in the Timezone Map. Some widgets have been ported from the Ubuntu Ubiquity Installer, and rewritten entirely in Vala.

The new installer is going to support automated partitioning (easy/gui), several tiers of “bling level” (to allow it to remain functional where memory is a serious problem), OEM installation, as well as many other treats.

The instructions for testing the installer’s UI are currently on the link README.md linked above, please feel free to give it a try and see what you think of the new-look installer. I want people to get used to it, as we’re going to use an updated version for SolusOS 2 :)



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  1. Fantastic news! I am really happy for you! I sincerely hope your new job become stable.

    I’m happy too for the new installer and great improvements for the next versions of SolusOS!

    Go on Ikey, you are a rock! ;-)

  2. Stijn Verwaaijen

    Go, Ikey, go! :)

  3. Carlos Felipe

    SolusOS is much better and beautiful than LMDE.

  4. Glad to see your situation getting a bit more stable. There was a time when my situation was rather unstable so I know what it feels like to be stable again.

    Nice job on the installer! Still havea test partition waiting for Solus2 builds. I swear the partition has more patience than I do. :D

    • Thanks Kirk M :) Yeah it can suck, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel

  5. Very nice. Solus OS 2 will be probably a masterpiece.

  6. Joao Rainha

    Good work

    Hope for the best

  7. Thank you for all that you give us. you are doing a great and wonderful job, I appreciate your time, Loved SolusOS so much, with my pleasure.

    • Comments like this make it all the worth while, thank you :)

  8. Glad to hear. And the installer looks very decent. :)

  9. Ikey,

    This is great News and congratulations on the job. Hopefully, it will turn out to be a more permanent position. With your technological background, people ought to be happy to have you.

    The new installer looks absolutely amazing and I very much like it. Especially the OEM option will be most beneficial, since I like to install Linux on my friends computers and want to offer them the complete solution, as if they purchase the machine with the OS on there already.

    Keep up the good work and we love your distro!

  10. Congrats on the job! Keep up the great work. I’m loving SolusOS. I recently started a new job myself, but you can expect a donation from me soon.

  11. Vojt466

    That looks great!!

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