Many folks have asked me when SolusOS 1.3 is due for release, all I can say is soon

There is an extensive developing process going on behind the scenes, to ensure that Eveline 1.3 is the best release it can possibly be.

However, as I have already chosen parts of the official artwork, you can imagine its very close..

The GTK theme featured in the below screenshots will be the default in SolusOS Eveline 1.3. It is crisper, cleaner and lighter on the system than previous Eveline theme revisions, and is based on the hugely popular Equinox themes

You can install it from the repos now, it’s called “eveline-theme“. The official theme name is Eveline Dawn, in respect for its parent theme, Equinox Dawn

To achieve the look in the screenshots, use “gnome-icon-theme-solus” and “libreoffice-icon-theme-solusos” (which replaces Crystal currently)

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  1. I wrote a comment below this article a few days ago. Where is it? Is the SolusOS website having some technical problems or is it something else?

    Thanks for the reply.


    • Sorry I’m the only one who can moderate comments at the moment, been tied up with work

  2. I am using SolusOS 2.

    I couldn’t find “gtk2-engines-equinox” in the repos.

    I found them here:

  3. It looks pretty decent.

    Unfortunately it is only avaiable for Gtk 2.x.

  4. Well, I like to see it for SolusOS 2 too.

    • I’m not understanding you. The theme is purposely GTK2 for SolusOS 1, we haven’t shipped a new
      SolusOS 2 yet :) When the time is ready, SolusOS 2 will get its own theme too :) We’ll be going
      for something very similar to this theme

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