At SolusOS we promote having a diverse community. It is with some interest and joy that recently we have noticed community websites emerging for SolusOS, i.e. language-specific forums. These are very much appreciated efforts and we congratulate all those involved. However we would like to make people publicly aware of protocol

  • Please contact the SolusOS team if you wish to have your mirror/site listed
  • Only officially sanctioned community sites may use the SolusOS Artwork (i.e. favicon, logo)
  • Non-official community sites must state that they are not part of the SolusOS hub and are not affiliated or endorsed

This is done so we can ensure the quality and reputation of SolusOS as a project and entity. If you wish to set up a community site, contact us and we may be able to help you. A lot of the available TLD’s for SolusOS have now gone, meaning we are more limited in our ability to deliver to all users as we originally intended. If you have already setup a community site please contact me directly, via contact form on this website. You can also use http://forums./ to post the request, or our IRC channel.

We would like to liaise with the founders of these community sites and set up Community Leaders for each locality. However we have not received any mails of late and this makes communication difficult. Please, get in touch! :)