Upcoming SolusOS 2 Alpha 9 Image – News

Hello all!

I trust we’ve all had fun experimenting with SolusOS 2 Alpha 8! I’ve spent some time listening to feedback, and we’ve resolved a few bugs already. The biggest issue we have right now is that the current image is not installable. As we’re in the alpha stage, we can get away with employing a hacky approach for now. Continue reading

New website launch!

Hello all and welcome to the new SolusOS website!

Right now we’re going through a rather large migration process inside of SolusOS. At present two different websites exist for our content, the NG website and the one we’ve just replaced. In the short future, we’ll be taking down ng./ and merging any content into this new website. We hope you enjoy the new look! This is all part of our transparency effort, and getting information to our users as efficiently as possible.

In Other News

We’ve been using Mercurial to manage our source repository on bitbucket for some time now, however we’ve recently just opened it up to the public as a shiny new Git repository. Commit history was rather broken after a few attempted conversions (Converting from Git to Mercurial is fine, the other way around is a bit harder) so we’ve started afresh. Users will notice that there is an Infrastructure link in the menu at the top of this page, which will take you to our new Phabricator installation. From here you can see exactly what is happening within SolusOS at any time, or even browse our source repository. Please note we are also now using Phabricator for our bug tracking needs (via Maniphest) to benefit from a more integrated solution.

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