Lead developer and project founder,  software developer living in England and one of the original developers of LMDE. I am dri­ven to pro­vide a dis­tro which so many peo­ple are look­ing to find.  If you want a stable dis­tro that allows you to use cur­rent soft­ware appli­ca­tions and is developed by some­one who just refuses to set­tle for any­thing less than top-notch, Solu­sOS is your answer.
Ikey Project Leader and Head Developer
<strong>Justin Krehel</strong>
Project Co-founder and Release Manager/Quality Assurance lead. Currently employed as a sysadmin living in the United States.  One of the original developers of LMDE. Justin enjoys maintaining a high standard of quality assurance, bug testing software, managing projects, writing documentation, and empowering the community to make change in their world with FOSS software.

Justin said: “I believe strongly in delivering the best service and user experience to every person, and I don’t settle for any less than the best.”

Justin Krehel Project Co-founder, Release Manager, Q&A
<strong>Blake Angelo (Se7en)</strong>
Computers enthusiast and a passionate artist. He do paint, draw and fix – he build the stuff! Angelo is also open minded, free thinker and philosopher. He like long walks on the beach and have a strong tendency to always try different shoes. Angelo joined the Linux Mint project back in late 2009 which was one of his best decisions, but later on, needed a more democratic and revolutionist team to work with, hence SolusOS.

Angelo said: “Art is my way, lets draw it!”

Blake Angelo (Se7en) Main SolusOS Artist

Head of the Reglue Project, Ken dedicates his time to bringing computing to children needing it most. Through his work we can ensure that young people recieve the best experience possible whilst computing

Ken Starks (Helios) Core Consultant, Community Outreach


<strong>Marko Takač (Marezz)</strong>
Forum and IRC Community Moderator, bugtester living in the Serbia. Marko have been in SolusOS project since the early alpha stage.

Marko said: “I’m a team player who enjoy bug testing and helping others.”

Marko Takač (Marezz) Forum and IRC Community Moderator