More Infrastructure Improvements!

Hello all!

Let’s start off real quickly here. We’ve evaluated several code review and bug tracker solutions now, and a working solution has now been found.

For a short time we’ve used Phabricator to handle both bugs and code-review, however it has not proven very intuitive for our users. With regards to code-review, it still proves to be overly complicated in introducing another layer of tools on top of Git (Arcanist). Automatic merging within the repository is also not possible, making its a code-audit system. Reporting bugs has been difficult for our users so we’ve been researching various combinations and solutions that would work for SolusOS and it’s community.


In place of Phabricator’s “Differential”, we now use Gerrit for our code-review. This is a true code-review system and directly manages the underlying git repository, enabling users to quickly get to grips with SolusOS development, packaging and contributing. This is a widely-adopted solution, and we’re extremely happy with the results so far. Consequently we will move all of our git repositories to the new Gerrit installation at http://code./

Note we will shortly remove “inf./” from our DNS, and shut down Phabricator. All patches will be transfered and re-applied to the new repos on http://code./

To see how quick and easy Gerrit is, check this demonstration video on Google+

A visual guide has also been created on the SolusOS Forums


In place of Phabricator’s “Maniphest”, we will now evaluate Jira. This will enable true project management, and real bug tracking. Multiple projects can be managed and individual components can also be created, also having their own “leads”. SolusOS is now entering a more mature stage, and having Jira will enable us to manage every aspect of all SolusOS related projects, including the upcoming Consort (Qt/Wayland) desktop. Not only this, but it will enable the rising stars in our community to step forth and manage various aspects of the project. SolusOS is being built for and by the community, and this would be of major benefit.

We’ve obtained an evaluation license for our Jira installation, and have just requested an Open Source license to use Jira free-of-charge for SolusOS. This would be a tremendous boost to the project! What we now need people to do is use Jira for *each and every bug* to show Atlassian that we’re serious, and deserve this open source license. The process usually takes around 14 days, so I want everyone to jump in and whip this blank canvas into shape. I cannot stress how important this is for the project.

Visit the bug tracker now and sign up!