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Glad I found SolusOS

Oct 09, 2012 by Iain

I've tried and used most Debian Distro's including LMDE but so far SolusOS has outlasted any of them!
Worked out of the box including Nvidia, a stable base paired with current programs is a winner, clean looking and stable with an excellent community, here's to many years of use!

Simple, beautiful and working

Oct 07, 2012 by Inoki

Now I've been on a tour to search for something non-obstruct even a few years back, when I didn't know anything about Linux, nor that something like that exists and then, one day a friend of mine told me the answer to my question to a virus-free environment would be Linux.

Since I got problematic hardware, mainly wired and wireless on my laptop and the desktop wasn't anything easier in this regard, I had to try a few distros, most of them major ones, boasting on popularity, ranks and backing from large enterprises or wealthy individuals, but none of them met my needs, except SolusOS.

This project has high potential, a very friendly community and a dedicated developer.

One man with a vision left huge competitors in a shade with stable, ease-of-use computing made elegant from the scratch, targeted at any user group.

This is SolusOS.

Flawless User Experience

Oct 05, 2012 by Samuel Orr

SolusOS shows that a Linux distribution can be both modern and reliable!

I'm Impressed

Sep 26, 2012 by Enormous

I tried Solus awhile back and liked it. Now I'm running 1.2 Eveline Legacy and am truly impressed. I'm using an old P-IV box with 1gb ram and it runs NP Great work Ikey!


Sep 11, 2012 by Dave

I've always been a user of the buntu' distros and I figured I would let go of my Lucid before I was forced to. Using your OS now for two days and I have to say on my netbook it's running flawlessly, battery life is excellent and the Gnome desktop is faster then it's even been. Thank you for all the hard work and you have a convert here.

Great Distro,Great Community

Sep 10, 2012 by Stefan Gronewold(groni)

Excellent work,Great Distro,Good Developers,one the first Ikey,the community is always excellent,and i work with Solus2 Alpha5 and it is stable,stable,stable
i look forward for the beta,
Thank you ikey,Thank you community for that you give us a so fine distro,and to the community make further so and everyone has the feeling of a the family

Legacy Edition

Sep 04, 2012 by knuckle

Installed the new Legacy edition on my old 1.6 GHz desktop -- running beautifully I can't say enough good things about Solus or about Ikey and the development team.I have tried many debian based distro's (mint,buntu,bodhi etc) and Solus is the best of the best.

Mint who?

Sep 02, 2012 by Pete Allison

Quote me if you want. I have gone through a whole spool of blank DVD's and going through Distrowatch trying just about every Linux Distro there was. I am brand new to the Linux world. Once I came to SolusOS, I have found 'THE' one. You guys are awesome! I'm following you on Twitter and 'Liked' you on Facebook. Can I have a t-shirt? LOL Keep up the good work. Can't wait for v2.0.

Aug 30, 2012 by Andi

Great work. Sensational kernel. Keep it up

Great, but ...

Aug 30, 2012 by Eric

I do not need a Live version on my USB, but a Live version + persistence. Unetbootin doesn't support adding a persistence file to Live version. ;(

Response: We can add persistence, not a problem :)

Love at first sight

Aug 25, 2012 by eric

A dream has come true. Finally a distro which combines the great technical solidity of the Debian stable branch with enabled additional repos and the user friendly features of Mint/Ubuntu. Your artwork is a miracle of beauty. Also the concept for future developments based on Gnome Classic seems a convincing strategy.
You made the best possible decisions for about every aspect of a distribution development. Breathtaking distro. I love it. Thank you so much for your fantastic work.

Very Nice!

Aug 24, 2012 by LinuxUser

This is a very awesome and stable Debian based distr, but may I suggest using only VLC Media Player as the media player since it plays both music and video files very well. Still, EXCELLENT! Keep up the good work!

Response: Thank you :) Rhythmbox is provided as a music playlist application, and VLC for those files that just don\'t want to work with other players :)

Very fine distro

Aug 24, 2012 by Fernando

I really like this distro. It installed easily but I had to do some tweaking to get the Nvidia drivers working. Once I did that I was able to use my two monitors. I also had some issues with the Broadcom 43 drivers on my laptop and had to do some tweaking there (thanks to your forums). I am an experienced Linux user so this was not a really big deal. It would however not work for a regular user. Drivers are the bane of Linux's existence as it seems there is always something that does not work the first time. So it might be good to look over the Nvidia and Broadcom issues to see if there is a way to get that hardware working on the first installation.

Other than that it is nice to be using a ROCK SOLID OS. Things have gotten so crazy in Linux lately that even Linux Mint was crashing on me from time to time. I guess there is a price to pay for all of the pretty eye candy.

That said, SolusOS is a really elegant looking piece of software. It is aesthetically pleasing while not sacraficing stability. I am also glad to have Gnome2 back. I am enjoying this very much. I will continue to use this some more and provide more feedback later. For now I am very pleased and plan on sticking with this release for quite some time. It is working like a champ. Kudos to all of you, great job on this one!


Aug 22, 2012 by Jean-Simon Chénard

Best distro ever. Beats ubuntu, debian itself, OPENSUSE. This is a must. Perfect compatibility

Awesomness on a disc

Aug 21, 2012 by Martin

Brilliant example of a GNU/Linux distro done right, flawless install (1.2) even made me switch my main desktop to SolusOS from Ubuntu.

Very polished for a new distro and the strong community backing it will see it reaches its potential.

Only thing that for me let it down slightly was the menu system (but that is just me, I don't really like Cardapio as a default).

Def a distro to stick with and one of the best overall on the gnome side of the fence I've had the fortune to see!

Thank you for your great work!

Aug 18, 2012 by Petr Topiarz

I was in search for a good system with a usable graphical interface (that means NOT GNOME3 and NOT UNITY). After years of using Ubuntu I felt lost in the latest years. But finally Ḯ've found a new harbor.

Gentlemen, you mixed the stability of Debian with the perfectness of Gnome 2 - there is no negative here.

I only wanted to tell you that I support you very much in your precious work and that after testing in on my personal laptop, I am going to make it work in both the companies I care for on the desktops.

In other words, Solus OS is what Ubuntu could/should have been...



Aug 18, 2012 by Carlos Felipe

Better that LMDE and more beautiful too.


Aug 17, 2012 by Julius

SolusOS Eveline 1.2 is by far the best Gnome2-based distro out there. A stable base with fresh software provide a lean system that offers everything a user needs to get the stuff done. Perfectly running on 3 computers (netbook, laptop, desktop) in our household and absolutely no problems. The team is doing a great job in developing their own applications and patching existing software to perfection. The forums and IRC are active, super-friendly and helpful. SolusOS deserves its place on your computer. Get it, you won't regret it!


Aug 15, 2012 by Hugo

SolusOS met about a week ago and I can not express how much I was surprised with this distro. Extremely stable, fast and elegant. It is my main system on my machines.

Congratulations to all involved, keep up the good work and long live to SolusOS and Linux.


Aug 11, 2012 by Danny

Since Gnome went south I had given up on Linux G2 is my favorite.Thank you SolusOS... Excellent System.I hope my Distro looking has come to and end.

Finally something of value

Aug 08, 2012 by Húrin Thalion

Finally since Ubuntu 10.10 left us hanging someone with common sense puts together an OS that is really worth a lot.

This is what I was waiting for many months ago, couldn't achieve the same with Linuxmint Mate/Cinnamon/KDE nor with Ubuntu and Unity.

At last, I'm OS glad Solus appeared! Keep up the great work please!!!

Very Good

Aug 06, 2012 by ArchZombie

Only ran this in a VM, but it's very nice.

Only complaint is dropbox spamming me.

Response: We\'re happy to attend to that if you could let me know on the forums exactly what happens :)

Lets try this one

Aug 06, 2012 by Paul

At first as a Debian/windows user i thought, hmm an other debian based distro with some changes.

So i tried it first as a little bit negative.
And there is the but:

Installing on a varia of hardware with only one conflict :) ( that was due the fact alsamixer sound was off)
My laptop boots faster into Solusos than windows. On my home computer its great no extra to add everything works out of the box !!!

You install it and 22 minuts later you are watching a dvd without a problem !!

estable, actualizada y elegante

Aug 05, 2012 by federico

esta distro es la mejor que probe, se nota que tiene un gran trabajo por parte de los desarrolladores, es muy estable, tiene las ultimas versiones de los paquetes y es muy bonita. felicitaciones por el gran trabajo!!

Great work

Aug 01, 2012 by friTTe

Congrats Ikey on a superduper dist =)
i see its growing more and more everyday...keep it up..let me know if theres stuff to do that needs some help =D

SolusOs kicked back my old desktop to life

SolusOS , GB 4.9 5.0 63 63 I've tried and used most Debian Distro's including LMDE but so far SolusOS has outlasted any of them!Worked out of the box including Nvidia, a stable base paired with current pro