Upcoming SolusOS 2 Alpha 9 Image – News

Hello all!

I trust we’ve all had fun experimenting with SolusOS 2 Alpha 8! I’ve spent some time listening to feedback, and we’ve resolved a few bugs already. The biggest issue we have right now is that the current image is not installable. As we’re in the alpha stage, we can get away with employing a hacky approach for now.

As we all know, SolusOS 2 eventually will only ship as non-live installable images. This means a new installer must be written, which will take some time. However waiting for the new installer to be complete will only freeze progress on the project and force people to wait around, when we could have everyone testing SolusOS 2 installations! The plan right now for the next couple of LiveCD images will be to re-use the installer we used for SolusOS 1. Most will remember that this is in turn based on the original installer that I created for LMDE. We know its buggy, but it’s the quickest way to enable user-testing of SolusOS installations.

For the very brave, we’re hoping they will be using this installation to contribute to the SolusOS 2 repository, being able to test their own packages immediately within their own install. It’s going to take another couple of days to shoehorn the old installer into place, but when it’s done another ISO will go up for general testing and abuse. Just remember, this old installer is only a temporary measure!