Coming Soon

  • Lightning fast
  • Vanilla software
  • Incredibly up to date, tracking the latest Linux kernels, GNOME3.10
  • Using delta updates to ensure you’re kept up to date with minimal bandwidth use, ideal for mobile broadband users
  • Easy to use
  • Easy system administration, whether it’s creating an account for a family member, or restoring your entire system to an early point in history at the touch of a button
  • Support for enterprise environments, connect to your work domain either in the office or other VPN, and keep in sync using Evolution
  • Automatic detection of drivers, enable 3D acceleration in one easy step
  • A plethora of codecs available, all automatically system-managed; try playing a file without the codec and the system will install it for you
  • Integrate with your Windows life; run Windows applications via Wine, or share documents with other computers on your home network
  • Intuitive: We closely integrate all aspects of the system to ensure an optimial user experience for the new and older users alike
  • And much, much more; we want to keep some surprises back for release day

Keep checking this page, we’ll be back soon with a release announcement!