They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So here’s a screenshot.

I’m almost complete now with the Nautilus patches. Decided to go the extra mile :) SolusOS 2′s Nautilus now features one unified toolbar at the top of the window below the Menubar, which is sensitive to the pane you are currently navigating. This means you only need one toolbar even if you’re using the Extra Pane (F3) option.

As you can tell from the screenshot, beta1 is very nearly due. Join us in the GNOME restoration mission, get on IRC, the forums or hit me up on G+. It’s the only place you’re going to find a GNOME2 successor that doesn’t need OpenGL acceleration and provides a true GNOME 2 experience :)

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  1. Craig (alias craig10x)

    Absolutely fanatastic, Ikey! Regarding the Solus Os Beta1 iso…all i can say is:
    (Can’t wait to install it)…

  2. nice :)

  3. Jordan

    Looks beautiful Ikey! Really looking forward to the Gnome 2 experience in SolusOS 2 Beta 1.

  4. Ricardo

    Very Nice! :D

  5. mitcoes

    Thanks for your work

    Please put links to alpha and beta at front page.

    They are not easy to find – I was not able to do it -

    Please, as Zorin Os does, make some “preconfigurations” similar to other OSs and desktop looks, including Gnome Shell but without Mutter.

    Please as you now have AMD and Nvidia GPUs, do not abandon the old one, test both, AMD and Nvidia GPUs are usually tricky. In fact AMD GPUs does not work well with mutter Muffin, and having a Gnome Shell look alike without Mutter would be great.

    • I’m sorry mitcoes but we’ve got no intention to support Gnome Shell. If people want to use it thats fine,
      but there’s no sense us supporting it when the main point of SolusOS 2 is to avoid it and reproduce the
      GNOME 2 experience.

  6. Fine work, ikey. Eagerly awaiting beta 1. But please wait a bit before releasing it, I have to mow the lawn first. ;-)

  7. fleogom

    Thanks for your work

  8. OMG you are AWESOME,can I test your patched nautilus on Fedora 17??

    • Only works with 3.4.2 Nautilus, but Nemo now has the patches too, so use that if possible

  9. Just awesome. Can’t wait to try this famous Beta 1

  10. Distrohopper

    As usual, looking good Ikey! Patiently waiting for SolusOS 2 beta, but I know the waiting will be well worth the wait. Thanks from one of your loyal followers!

    • Thanks Distrohopper :D Look forward to having your feedback :)

  11. i have a question can i ask it here?

  12. Thank you so much for your work!
    Installed the alpha5 and it really rocks, ultra fast and no crashes

  13. nailuj24

    Looks nice :)
    But just by looking at it I can’t tell which pane is currently active. Maybe the inactive pane should be greyed out a bit like the normal Nautilus does it?

    • That’s more of a theme issue nauiluj24 but yeah its been bothering me too. I’ll be looking how to fix it soon, thanks for heads up :)

  14. Nicely done! I can just say good on ya ikey! The fact that this is one-man-show and done purely for personal needs and yet it has/will attract so many users it is just unbelievable. Wishing you all the best in the future and can’t wait for the beta 1.

  15. reproduce the GNOME 2 experience.

    everything looks very well but i hope that this system will try more them only reproduce something. to start from g2 and develop this experience will be better.

    a good review about solus.

  16. i have now solusos and…. what kind of firewall is this?! has only a button with allow. allow what?! everything?! i need to have the same firewall with 2 buttons like in ubuntu. what to do? second the page with 5 steps was gone before i was able to install nvidia. in menu there is any simbol for that to install it. in add/remove software there are a lot of things and i don’t know what to take.

    • Considering you’ve not mentioned what version of SolusOS you’re using and I’m not a psychic there’s not a lot I can do.

  17. i have solusos 1.1. as i said i need a firewall like in ubuntu with two buttons \incoming-denny and outgoing-allow\ because i understand what is doing, a solution for nvidia because i don’t want to install again the system for that page with 5 steps and how to configure compiz because i’m a beginner and don’t know how to use it. see this is not user friendly enough! you know what to do so make for compiz a Pre-configured Profile for download and write how to install it. for you that means 15 min! better is to do something standard for compiz like zorin and everything is inside from the beginning. if compiz is inside and i don’t know what to do with it means user friendly?! no! so please start again to make things even better because is possible.

    • If you took the time to run the upgrades in SolusOS 1.1 you’ll see a ufw and gufw upgrade come through which offers those
      options. Regarding the “5 step page” its the First Run Wizard and is in the menu. Regarding Compiz its already installed.
      You can use ccsm or simple-ccsm, both of which are preinstalled and make configuring Compiz a walk in the path.
      For the record mate your attitude stinks. Once you correct it, and stop treating open source contributors like your employees
      you’ll be met with more kindness and help. In the mean time, I’ve got no time for you.

      • giocitta

        Bravo ! The right answer for a guy that would not deserve an answer !

    • Is this post for real? If you want a pre-configured system use Windows. Linux is about choice to configure the system the way you want it.

    • First off, ikey: great job. I love the feel of this OS, it’s nice and snappy, looks good, and plays well with (most of) my hardware. I had some issues getting my AMD/Ati drivers working properly, but those are forever the bane of my existence. I tried installing them from the repository but for whatever reason they didn’t install properly (I’m guessing I didn’t have some hidden dependency). sgfxi was what got everything setup properly in the end.

      dd: There are so many issues with how you’re approaching this. In the FOSS world, searching is your friend. Almost every issue you’re having someone else has had, posted about, and solved. Remember, you have the entire Debian communities posts to draw from as well. I’ll give you a good first step for your compiz problems: if you want to run compiz (make sure you have your graphics driver installed) then open the run panel (Alt+F2 by default, I believe) and type “compiz –replace” without the quotes. You should now be running compiz and any changes you make in CCSM will be reflected. Honestly though, if you’re truly a beginner then you shouldn’t be using an alpha version of a new Linux distro that is based on Debian. You should cut your teeth on an Ubuntu variant until you get your Linux-legs under you and know how to comb the various FOSS communities out there before posting.

  18. Thanks a lot!!!
    Nautilus Patches are great ( and not just for SolusOS users ;-)

    Although there was some confusion about several packages like nautilus-actions.
    They were marked in Synaptic as auto-removable (and eventually removed), but luckily they survived behind the scenes and remained perfectly functional, except Un(Hide) which had to be individually downloaded and re-installed.

    I have a better looking Nautilus now.

  19. Carlos Felipe

    Can I use this patch on Ubuntu 12.04 and “fix” nautilus?

  20. tarn27

    Hi Ikey

    SolusOS looking good.

    2 points to report:

    (1) Unable to install Updates (see (1) below);

    (2) With Vikki’s help, solved the problem of Shogi game not opening on both SolusOS-1 and SolusOS-2 Alpha, Bug 1024746.
    I Will mark the bug as Solved after this post. Smiling like a Cheshire cat now this working again.

    = ================= =

    (1) Thursday August 09 22.38 GMT
    Solus Alpha Two 32-bit with Gnome 3.4.2

    [501 updates request to install from Update Manager

    When I click to install, the following Error message pops up:

    E: Error http://packages./ two/main libnautilus-extension1a i386 1:3.4.2-2solusos2
    404 Not Found]

    and I was then unable to install the Updates.

    = ================= =

    Best wishes

    • Please try running “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade” from the terminal

  21. Looks great. I eagerly anticipate the day that SolusOS 2 is released.

  22. Mandragore

    Distribution d’excellente qualité. Un plaisir à utiliser.


  23. Some news about the beta? I’m very curious to try them.

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