With your support we can provide the best operating system possible, to your needs and tastes. Remember, no matter how big or small, it all helps!

Here follows a list of people supporting SolusOS financially. This list will hopefully grow in time.

(Donations are shown in order of those recieved)

John Ritchie (aka AgingTechnoGeek)£25.00
Patrick Stein£1.50
Larry Davis (aka Hawkeye52)£45.00
Alex Taylor£23.00
Thorbjorn Larsson£10.00
Jordan S.£50.00
Maurice Nielsen£15.00
John Schmiess£15.00
Hans Otto Lunde£100.00
Sam Barbour£10.00
Daniel Bartolo£16.00
Peter Ehlert£10.00
Anthony Magner£25.00
Michael Goette £25.00
Glen Coulthard £10.00
Anthony Cooper£10.00
Alberto Acevedo Rojano £0.32
Bernd Huber £10.00
Bruno Dantas £16.00
Robin Carmack £100.00
Richard T. Otto £50.00
Istrate Sebastian£5.00
Virgil Fatu£10.00
Michael Metzold£5.00
Dave Price £20.00
Darrel Norstrom£30.00
Gene Charbonneau£15.00
Mauro Serenello £4.00
Filipe Conceição£5.00
Imerio Ballarini£50.00
Jordan S.£50.00
Vittorio Fricchione£20.00