How I can connect?

From SolusOS operating systemFrom different operating system or if you prefer different irc clientVia Web Browser
click on Menu > Internet > XChat IRC Server: irc./
Channels: #solusos, #solusos-offtopic
Click here

SolusOS IRC Channel Rules and Guidelines


Before asking a question in one of the support channels please do the following:

Search for a solution, both in the forum and on the internet – Google is your friend If the problem is with a specific application, check if it has it’s own homepage with support. To communicate effectively in the channels please, speak plainly and clearly, refrain from using <CAPS> lock, and most importantly – be polite.

Users will be warned of any infraction of the rules below, and told to cease such behaviour. If the violation continues, the user will be temporarily devoiced or kicked. If the user continues to misbehave after a revoice and/or kick, he/she may be banned at the channel operator’s discretion.

*Any incident is subject to an Operator’s discretion, and a kick and/or ban may be issued before a warning

No Spamming or Flooding

Spam messages (advertisements, abusive or otherwise unwanted material) will not be tolerated in the channels. Spammers will be kicked immediately. Flooding large amounts of information may result in a temporary devoice while the flooding is occurring, if the cause was accidental or due to ignorance. Use for messages longer than a couple of lines. Persistent flooding will result in a kick when the user has ignored requests to use pastebin.

No Offensive Material

Any offensive material such as swear words or derogatory terms are prohibited. For extreme cases, such as hate speech or pornography, the user may be kick/banned on sight. Hate speech is defined as an attack on religion, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other self-identifiable group.

No Harassment, Insults, or Personal Attacks

Engaging in malicious behavior intended to annoy, offend, or intimidate other users is unacceptable. This also counts when the users have left the channel, talking about someone behind their back is inappropriate.

No Illegal Material

Any requests for help pertaining to illicit computer activities is prohibited and will not be supported (i.e., piracy, malicious hacking). Requesting, distributing, or linking illegal material is forbidden.

No Trolling

Trolling consists of messages containing an apparently foolish contradiction of common knowledge, a deliberately offensive insult to the users of the channel or a broad request for trivial follow-up messages. It serves no purpose other than the enjoyment of the troll.

No Dangerous Commands

Suggesting commands that could harm or destroy another user’s system, even in jest, is strictly off limits. It is considered a form of trolling.

No Off-Topic Material in Support Channels

Any off-topic conversation in #solusos will be redirected to #solusos-offtopic #solusos-offtopic is the venue for off-topic material and casual conversations are encouraged.

No Bots

No unofficial bots are allowed in the SolusOS channels. A discovered bot will be removed from the channel(s).


All languages are welcome, however most of us speak English only. Please try to keep that in mind when entering the channels so that we know what you are talking about and we are able to help you.


* If you have a concern with an individual operator, or believe you have been treated unfairly (i.e., banned from a channel without cause), keep a log (record) handy. Contact Maik with a description of the incident, and any pertinent logs or information. * Any unwanted and persisting private messages (PMs), DCC, or CTCP requests to Operator’s, or any other user, will result in removal from the SolusOS channels. We understand mistakes happen, and one will be sufficiently informed and warned before removal from the channels is considered.