The SolusOS team is pleased to announce the release of SolusOS 2 Alpha 6. This release is intended to demonstrate the potential of the new Desktop Environment being developed for SolusOS 2. Please note that this is an alpha release and should not be used in a production environment. Currently only the 32-bit PAE ISO is available for testing.

Some screenshots

Brief overview of software versions

  • Firefox 18.0
  • Thunderbird 17.0.2
  • LibreOffice 3.6.4
  • Linux Kernel 3.3.6-solusos (with BFS/preempt/no dyn ticks/1000Hz)
  • Athena 1.0
  • SolusOS Desktop Environment (GNOME 3.4 based)

Many new applications are available in the software repository.

Please use the SolusOS Forums for support and feedback

About this release

In this release we are showcasing the new Desktop Environment for SolusOS 2. It is originally based on GNOME 3.4 yet does not feature GNOME Shell. The base idea is to restore the traditional desktop metaphor as seen in GNOME2, and expand on it. To do this many components of GNOME have been patched, and in some places forked.

We have a shiny new file manager named Athena. This is a fork of Nautilus 3.4.2 and restores some sanity in terms of the user experience. A full length customisable toolbar is present, as well as some much needed functionality, like creating desktop shortcuts, etc. The UI is inspired by Nautilus Elementary 2.32. This is an ongoing development

GNOME Panel also supports traditional interaction, and you can simply interact via right click and add applets to the panel. It behaves identically to the 2.x GNOME Panel, barring the ability to lock applets, as they are located via (LEFT,CENTER,RIGHT) zones. This, in time, will be replaced by a new panel from the SolusOS project.

Known Issues

Being an alpha release there are bound to be problems. Two well known issues are:

  • Booting to black screen after installation. (Please remove vga=792 from your boot line if you are affected)
  • Minitube crashes immediately (A package update will follow to resolve this)

Rationale of release

This ISO is Debian based (as indicated by the GDM logo) to provide a testing and development environment for the rest of the SolusOS 2 ISO’s. It will vastly simplify the production of the new system, and serves as a demonstration platform for what is evolving into the SolusOS Desktop Environment.

Last but not least
Thank you to everyone involved in SolusOS. Without your help none of this would be possible. We
hope you enjoy this release as much as we have enjoyed creating it

32-bit MD5:



  • Thunderbird 17.0.2
  • Firefox 18.0
  • Cardapio location fixed (on pressing modifier)
  • Athena 1.0 replaces Nautilus 3.4.2
  • SolusOS Desktop Environment (early build)
  • 32-bit Edition: x86 Processor with PAE/NX
  • 512MB RAM
  • 3GB free disk space
  • Display capable of 1024×768 resolution
  • A DVD-R/RW or USB thumb drive

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