The SolusOS team is pleased to announce the release of SolusOS 2 Alpha 5. This release utilises the Gnome Classic Desktop Environment 3.4 (not fallback), which is heavily tweaked to behave and look the same as Gnome 2. Please note that this is a development release and is not intended for use on production machines.

What’s new?
This time we’ve gone all out to give you the best looking Gnome desktop we can, and it’s increasingly difficult to tell the difference between our Gnome Classic and Gnome 2. We’ve gone to great lengths to improve the overall look and feel of the desktop whilst enhancing usability at the same time.

Included Software

  • LibreOffice 3.5.4-2
  • Linux 3.3.6-solusos (BFS/preempt)
  • Firefox & Thunderbird 13.0.1
  • Adobe Flash
  • VLC 2.0.1
  • gnome-panel 1:
  • nautilus 1:3.4.2-1.2
  • solusdesktop

That’s just a brief overview, in no way can we cover everything included. However, please note that non-free codecs are used in SolusOS to provide an out-of-the-box multimedia experience. We’ve also included firmware for some common wlan chipsets.


A picture speaks a thousand words. So here’s 4 of them.


As you can see from the above screenshots we’ve totally overhauled the theme.Thanks go to Se7en for creating the wallpaper and scouting the themes. We believe usability fundamental to the desktop, so we’ve set about fixing many common issues that affect Gnome 3.4 in Wheezy. We’ve finally purged the last of the symbolic icon theme abusers, pushing patches to nautilus, totem, gedit and gnome-panel.

Cardapio is much more responsive and feels more natural. We’ve gone with the true meaning of SolusOS with v. 2, putting an emphasis on light in all its meanings, resources or looks. When Metacity Compositing is enabled via solusdesktop settings, you’ll see a very elegant crisp definition to panel tooltips and window borders.

Alpha 5 – The Last Alpha

That’s right. We set out to do what we wanted. We’ve established a stable Gnome Classic Environment in which to develop SolusOS 2. We’re now already looking towards the beta series, where we will reintroduce the First Run Wizard (rewritten, you can use this from the repos now to install drivers),  we’ll also be developing a lot of our own SolusOS specific software, including privacy and parental controls, enhanced media and graphics functionality, updated packages (like compiz) as well as a plethora of secrets we’d like to show you personally with Beta 1.

Last but not least
Thank you to everyone involved in SolusOS. Without your help none of this would be possible. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we have enjoyed creating it



Testers please use the SolusOS Forums for support and feedback. Thank you!
  • Symbolic icons gone
  • Firefox 13.0.1
  • Thunderbird 13.0.1
  • Complete theme overhaul
  • Patched core gnome utils to improve experience
  • Cardapio improved (customizable applet)
  • Updated solusdesktop tool
  • Restored startup applications utility
  • Enabled vdpau/vaapi install via repository packages
  • 32-bit Edition: x86 PAE enabled Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 3GB free disk space
  • Display capable of 1024×768 resolution
  • A DVD-R/RW or USB thumb drive

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  1. avicom

    Thank you!

  2. Just fantastic, Mr. Ikey. You are the man!

  3. Rajamohan

    Simply amazing, from the screenshot I couldnt distinguish any difference between 1.1 and 2.0 great work, thanks Ikey

  4. Fred Sutton

    Superb Ikey, it just gets better and better

  5. KingBongo

    Great work! I have SolusOS 1.1 on my laptop and it works good :)

    I have a few questions regarding your approach vs. Cinnamon vs. Mate. What are the actual big differences between them? I understand that you (and Cinnamon) are based on new technology, but what are the actual benefits of that? Are there any loss in performance? Easier to maintain? What exactly are the benefits and drawbacks?

    • Cinnamon is a fork of Gnome Shell. Mate is a fork of Gnome 2.32. Our Gnome is simply the traditional gnome components
      patched to work as they would in Gnome 2. 100% compatibility, new *new technology*

      • KingBongo

        Ok, thank you. It still did not answer my question regarding performance, maintainability, a.s.o. Maybe this isn’t the right place for such discussions. Thank you anyway :)

        • Our Gnome 3.4 Classic doesn’t require hardware acceleration, nor does it rely on llvmpipe. It’s just straight up
          Metacity window manager. Same ram + cpu usage as you would see on SolusOS 1.0/1.1, ~140-150MB idle usage.
          I write the patches and therefore maintain them, in a way that retains upstream compatibility. Any
          thing else? :)

          • KingBongo

            Thanks! You guys are great!

            I am asking these questions because I am still on an old Pentium 4, 3.06 GHz, 2 GB RAM, and the last thing I would want is to slow it down :P I am still using Gnome 2 or Mate across the board for two reasons: 1. I love them, 2. I know how fast they run on this machine.

            Maybe it’s time to give SolusOS 2 a spin :)

  6. Paul Vrieze

    Thnx Mr.Ikey for this great distro !!!

  7. thats it.

    Im going back to linux… yeah baby!!!

  8. hey. it will be nice to see an video showing the solusos2a5…

    • I haven’t got a powerful enough computer for video editing, but if someone wants to create one,
      we’ll review it and link it

  9. One more thing (most importantly).

    Is that possible to make some work in the ability to have an “menubar” in the vertical but with a little space between the menu and the desktop? Like the space that we see between the menu and the desktop in cinnamon. I think its nicier than the menu and the menubar togheter.

    And it will be nice to have the option to rearange the menubar when in vertical. Id like the menu in botton and the clock in upside.

    sorry about my english.

    • It’s very easy to create Gnome Classic Applets so I’d imagine people would create them.
      Sounds like you just want Cinnamon though :)

      • no no.. I really like solusos de, but I think that You can merge the gnome 2 style with some gnome3 improvements.. Like the menubar.

        Instead of having the retangles (when You open some aplication), what about some nice icons with preview?

        Dont get me wrong. I realy like solusos idea and thats why Im going back to Linux (for good) but I think we can have the nace gnome2 style with some new features, some new (fancy) functions like the icons in menubar, etc.

        sorry about my english.

        • New features will be added. However it kinda sounds like you’re describing the Windows 7 taskbar :)

  10. Amazing work, gonna give Alpha 5 a try. Nunber 4 was good and I hope this will be another step in the right direction :D Thank you for your hard work ikey!

    • No problem, I really hope people like the direction we’re going with this

  11. Awesome bro. Keep up the great work!

  12. ibm450

    wow, cant wait to download and try it out when i fly back home … all i can say is AWESOME work solusos team :)

    have the bluetooth issues been resolved?

  13. Thank you very much

    SolusOS power!!! I love SolusOS :)

  14. Carlos Felipe


    In Solus OS 1.x the cardapio (menu in portuguese) the names with “á, í, ú, é, ã” doesnt look well :(

    • Apologies Carlos, I’ll fix it again (I pushed a new build of Cardapio and forgot to repatch)

      • Yuqing

        I found the same problem in the Cardapio menu in Chinese (solusOS1.1), where the items’ titles under “Places” tab (such as Home, Documents, Music, etc) showed unrecognized characters. Items in other tabs are in Chinese and look good.

        I also encountered some problems when enabling Chinese input using IBUS. But overall, SolusOS is very impressive and performs very well even at such an early stage (1.x). I have used many distro such as ubuntu, fedora, opensuse, Linux Mint and LMDE, SolusOS and Ubuntu are 2 I like most.

        Please keep it up, and I look forward to playing SolusOS 2!

        • Thank you very much :) Localisation will be complete before the final release

  15. Tempted

    Hi there, SolusOS looks very, very interesting, can you tell me is Compiz supported in this Gnome Classic Desktop of yours?


    • It is. We’re currently working on a patch to enable Metacity themes to be changed in Compiz (using GSettings)
      ATM it defaults to one theme

  16. Marcus

    It would be great if you could add an option to Cardapio to support a hover delay. This is what has been included in Cinnamon lately, too.

    I would also prefer if the first hit is always highlighted, when searching for applications. This would make it easier to browse through the results, using the up and down arrow keys.

    I am also not sure about something like an intelligent search, meaning that items that one often selects are listed on top. e.g. if I search for Terminal, the first hit is ‘Root Terminal’ which I nearly never use. So I have to use tab and arrow keys right now, in order to select the ‘normal’ Terminal.


    • We’ll make sure to fix up the the menu as best as we can :) What do you mean by hover delay though?

      • I think it’s the behaviour that when your mouse pointer is over an item, that the left part of the menu does not immediately open the subcategory. If one builds in a 150 ms (or even 250 ms) delay before the left hand lists opens/changes then the feel of Carpadio would be much less “erratic”.

  17. Marcus

    And btw. is there something like a Bugtracker available?

  18. I really look forward Mr.Ikey and the team nurture this distro for as long as it could be.
    This is an exemplary work of genius about how and what the future of ‘Linux Desktop’ should be on all accounts. You certainly have and build the user/fan base right from the Alpha stages by master stroke. I can see Solusos taking higher echelon in Distrowatch list(not to argue about H.P.D/statistics thing),but because as a Linux user that’s something to look about.)
    Please keep this very fine piece and exquisite work of your team as long as it can be,I’ll help it by using myself,recommending to friends certainly with pleasure(I.R.L), spread the gospel online where the places I hang about.
    Thank you and all the best wishes from happy (Alpha)user.

    • Thank you very much, kind words indeed. We’ll remain true to what and who we are.
      We’ve just continued refining *what* we are since the beginning of the year. Our
      project has evolved and taken on a total focus. We won’t deviate I promise you :)

  19. very nice, i see you change the menu color i like it :)

    • Was time to be true to our name :D

      • i know this is still alpha but will there be more themes? and will the menu change with it? i do like the one i see though, just ask though? :) wonderful job btw :)

  20. Fantastic OS ! Great Job on this man :) This is good direction to develop :) Simple and powerful !

    PS. I created this distro on my personal USB :) Presistantly :) Will go with me everywhere in my pocket with bunch of keys :D

    Cheers !

  21. and again testing time…, you’re inimitable, and again thank you for this wonderfull distro ;)

  22. Chris M

    Ikey, you’re moving along at a very fast pace. Very nice.

    With Wheezy going into Freeze mode this Friday, is your plan to continue developing into a RC version way ahead of Wheezy going stable in Jan 2013?

    If so, could the user change Debian repositories to Wheezy, and roll along in semi-testing/near-rolling distro mode? Or might that create too many user issues with your own repositories?

    Looks great. Thanks for all the hard work.

  23. Right now I am using SolusOS-AMD64-1-1. Oh I love your work. I saw the screen shots I just cant wait to test it (even Install). Keep up with the good work. Hats off.

    • Enjoy testing ! :)

      • Can I Upgrade without going for a download?

        • From what to what?

          • HEXYEBO

            I have SolusOS Alpha (Two) in VB. Do I upgrade or download?

          • Sorry my mistake what I installed and running is the beta release. What I saw in Distrowatch is the Alpha. I mistook it for a new Alpha release.


    Great job as always, Ikey.

    I am just wondering about the future upgrade path to SolusOS 2 when it’s released. Will this be more-or-less automated (Ubuntu style)? Or more along the lines of MINT’s philosophy of manual upgrade (fresh install, etc.)?

    I use SolusOS 1.1 64 bit as my main distro and loving the speed + reliability + low resource usage.


    • You should know how we roll by now :) We’ll have our own implementation to do things properly. Innovate, not imitate :)

  25. Timothy

    Great release ikey! The theme looks very nice :d. Are you guys going to fork a window manager like how the mint team made muffin and how the elementary team gala, both based on mutter I believe. The elementary team literally forked all their apps(noise,maya,midori etc) , are you going on that path?

    thank you!
    Keep up the great release!!

    • Nope. We’re fixing what’s already there. The exodus away from gnome is what nearly killed it.

  26. You should try to remove the horizontal scrollbar in the menu :)

  27. Jordan

    Just when you think you’ve seen everything in modern Linux desktop distros, along comes SolusOS and blows you away. Many thanks to Ikey for sharing his vision and genius with the world!

  28. Fantastic job, Ikey! Keep up the great work…you are really moving along with this, i must say…

    Question: I was wondering if you were working on a more “newbie friendly” installer which would be like ubuntu’s with the options of having it “auto-install” along side of other distros you have on your hard drive and also to wipe out the current distros and replace with your distro (just as ubuntu does on theirs)….

    That would make it easier for the newbies as well as the more seasoned among us that prefer to have it auto-install rather then manual partitioning…

    If you will have this, when might we expect it to be available?


  29. It<s looking good.
    It would nice to be able to make panel transparent.

  30. herypootel

    looking great! any action yet on the Install to fakeraid front yet? i really want to try this!

  31. eco2geek

    A question for you: When you say, “This release utilises the Gnome Classic Desktop Environment 3.4 (not fallback)”, what do you mean? Other than semantics, is there any real difference between “classic” and “fallback”?

  32. Wow, this looks great. Read about this on a google+ post, so looking forward to installing and playing around with it. This looks to be the desktop I have been looking for!

  33. Christopher

    How Can I “update” my Debian Stable to SoluOS 2?

    What I need to do?

    • You shouldn’t do this, you should use Eveline repos (as per my email)

  34. Finally, the “taskbar” appears as it should at startup. There are still some problems with the “Menu” in Virtualbox, but I’m sure it will be solved in the upcoming releases. Step by step, better and nicer.

  35. One more thing: there is no sound in Virtualbox. I observed the same problem in Alpha 4. Other Linux releases tested in the same environment have no such issue. I thought that I must tell you about this.
    P.S. Please, don’t forget about “Add shortcut on desktop” on right-click from Menu (if it can be done).

  36. herbalizer

    Looks like this is it :) You guys seems like you are going to really do this. Still owe you video of “linux desktop developer’s nightmare” but since i am buried in win-crap stuff at work (and my f***ng home!!!) i am not about to deliver it soon….. Thank you Ikey and thank all the people (directly or othertwise) involved in this linux hope :)

  37. Why dont you put diffrent desktop environments to choose from ?

  38. HI,

    is there a way to have your OS installed on encrypted disk?

  39. cool, ikey.
    I am currently testing it in virtual box and it is awesome. Thanks for such greate work.

  40. Ubukus

    I tried SoluOS via using VM-Player 3 and Virtualbox 4.1.18 using a Windows XP host.
    With both versions I can’t use the DVD drive with SoluOS, because it doesn’t find the drive or it find the drive, but doesn’t open it.

    • Hi, if you could try the forums you might get some help with this

  41. Podsgrove

    My only complaint is that SolusOS is too good – you are not giving the other distros a chance.
    Not only everything works, but it works the way you want it to work. It is fine on a laptop that has resolution issues with just about everything else I have tried, and you can fiddle about and customise it until you are blue in the face.
    I have no idea what still has to be done before before you consider it ready for release, but it strikes me thar the answer is – not a lot!

    • Well hopefully we grow enough to increase the development pace :)

  42. Wooov 160 MB RAM Usage at live-mode with “gnome desktop” and very good looking effective desktop.
    Very good guys.
    I am searching good looking effective desktop, SolusOs could it be.
    I think you could get all Xfce and LXDE desktop user to your Os.
    Most of Linux-Distributions s*cks because they use computer power for desktop effects.
    They forget desktop is for manage applications and files.

    I like your thin scrollbars, i am using for over 10 years on my windows xp also thin scrollbars.

    Keep the good work and please don’t copy f*cking useless effects from other distros. Wee need good looking, user friendly, effective desktop distro.

  43. Awesome Ikey.. Good Job!!

  44. sebastien

    These screenshots look very nice ideed. Well, I really need to know if the distro is as neat and polished as it looks -> dowloading ;) . Moreover, the “about” section says that stability and robustness are a major concerned in SolusOS. For me too… A cut-edge eye-candy stable LTS distro, am I dreaming ? I am very likely to jump from Mint to SolusOS when stable version is out. Thanks for offering us this gem.

  45. Great release. I like the feel of the classic gnome ported to Gnome3.
    Do you use Cinnamon from Mint or did you create your own set of patches.
    Do you have a source-repository to look at your work?

    best regards


    • We use Gnome itself. Our patches aren’t public yet because we’re still in alpha :)

  46. Fernando Monroy

    Thanks for your works.

  47. I’m happy to see that the panel issues and the lack of Evince have been corrected from last time.

    My other issues remain, though. Enabling Compiz causes the window controls (minimize/maximize/close) to become too widely spaced apart, and the “Desktop Settings” tool is unable to customize the window decoration when Compiz is enabled.

    Also, is the plan for porting over GNOME 2 applets/creating a GNOME 2 applet compatibility layer still in the works? (Yes, I realize this sounds a little naggy, but I would really love to see the Linux Mint Menu work in your patched GNOME 3/Classic session. If it isn’t happening, let me know and I’ll stop asking :P .)

    Finally, the stability is even more improved from last time. That said, the spacing of the notification area icons seems to vary; sometimes they are spaced out nicely (like the Ubuntu indicator applets), and other times they are squished together (like the standard GNOME 2 notification area).

    That is all. Excellent work once again Mr. Doherty!

  48. Newuser

    Great work guys, excellent distro, will the new installer also support LVM’s?

  49. hrm how does one theme this? I assume gtk3 themes?

  50. Hi Ikey. I’m looking for a distro that has the mail notification in the systray from default. Does your distro have it? (sorry for the newbie stupid question but it matters A LOT to me :) )

  51. Testing it in virtualbox 4.1, i’ll install it this week end on my laptop !
    I really enjoy SolusOS, thanks for your work :)

  52. Hi, this looks really good but I am just wondering if there will be a 64 bit with the final release, cheers.

  53. Fine work so far and amazingly stable as well. Personally, I’ve not seen an alpha release of any Linux distribution this complete and this stable before–nicely done. Couple things though:

    I’m taking it that SolusOS 2 alpha 4 can be updated to alpha 5 just by keeping it updated?

    Also, if so, the Victory theme does not yet theme Thunderbird properly in that the menu bar background is dark and so is the menu bar text. Same for the Thunderbird right-click context menus and drop down menus. It’s fine for Firefox though. Just mentioning.

    • Yeah, we’ll also keep you notified of new packages. I’m going to contact the guy that made Victory and see if we
      can’t fix it :)

      • Kirk M

        Many thanks, Ikey. Don’t forget to take a break once in awhile, right? Go listen to a good band in your favorite pub now and then. Burn out is b*tch you know. ;-)

  54. i been seeing alot of ubuntu users pissed off from what i hear ubuntu is leaving the desktop for tablets and phones i don’t like tablets, smart phones or smart tv’s. so ubuntu lost it with me i used to recommend ubuntu to everyone but not anymore.

    • Eh. We want a desktop :)

    • sebastien

      I’ve never used Unity (mostly because of what I’ve read in the very beginnings). But I gave 12.04 a spin and I must confess that it looks pretty cool to me.

  55. Cloudane

    Absolutely wonderful.

    I’ve spent the last 2 months or so re-evaluating Linux on the desktop, saddened by how it’d seemingly been set back 10 years by GNOME3. I just kept looking at the “pretty but horrible to use” GNOME3, then the “tolerable to use but cluttered and ugly” KDE4, then the “nice to use but so-last-decade” XFCE and my general thought was:

    “Why can’t we have a desktop that is nice to use, feature-complete AND modern and good looking?”

    Mint’s Cinnamon comes close, but just seems to make a half-hearted effort of it IMO.

    And then comes SolusOS 2. I made a little “squee!” sound when I found I could actually *right-click on a panel*, and once again when upon clicking on the menu it was snappy with no delay. But not just this, the developers have realised that form and function are not mutually exclusive, and made it absolutely gorgeous to look at.

    Top, top work – this distro doesn’t get nearly as much publicity as it should. If the alpha had a 64-bit version I’d be happy to use it as my main desktop (completely ignoring the “alpha – not for production environments” warning. It’s better quality than most RTM software.)

    • Wow thanks! Well we love free publicity, it means more people helping us and realizing
      GNOME isn’t dead :D

  56. Timothy

    hey Ikey, i was wondering where the wizard to install drivers is? I remember it was in SolusOS version 1. If it is installed and not in my startup automatically tasks, what is the terminal command to run the wizard? Thank You! Im using this alpha because LM 13 Maya Mate decided to glitch up… Solus to the rescue

    • sudo apt-get install firstrunwizard
      We haven’t finished porting it all to SolusOS 2 but driver installation does work

  57. I catched some bugs.

    I know I shall report them in the forum.

    Where exactly?

  58. Just installed alpha 5 on main box, will report in forums later.
    Amazingly stable for Alpha. Some distros should hang their heads in shame at the quality of so called final releases compared to SolusOS 2 Alpha.
    Great work Ikey and the team.

  59. paul walker

    using alpha5 still right now. excellent job. i simply would like to suggest to you to have preload adaptive readahead daemon installed by default i install it on all my os’s. also the notification applet failed to load a couple times but that was on the live session. it hasn’t hung at all since i installed alpha 5. the install went good just 10 minutes like it said. the only other thing i have did was took a few startup apps out since i dont use printer bluetooth etc. all in all GREAT

  60. Walt Frampus-Frye

    Alpha 5 is amazing! I have it running on my Dell and SolusOs 1.1 on my main computer. Can’t wait until a 64 bit version comes out.

  61. I have sayed it once and I will continue saying it SolusOS is the law and because your hard work with Gnome 3 to make it as Gnome 2 is A-W-E-S-O-M-E Ikey you must be named the solus man because you have maked Gnome 3 shine again and with a lot of intensity :)

  62. Newuser

    Great work guys, excellent distro, will the new installer also support LVM’s?. The memory usage is excellent and the distro is fast

    My previous posts still shows as awaiting moderation, no idea why?.

    • There are lots of unmoderated comments Newuser, apologies.
      I haven’t got enough hours in the day :S

  63. Hi Ikey, @ first wanna thank you for SolusOS. Is it possible to upgrade from 1.1 to 2.0 with apt-get distupgrade?

    • There will be an upgrade path in time, when SolusOS 2 becomes final

  64. Juan Erasmo

    I totally agree with Claudane…
    I have looking for a descent linux OS in terms of nice looking in all senses…
    It is a shame that mostly all distros don’t have nice icons and themes…and for me the word NICE DESKTOP comes along with a stable – friendly powered user friendly environment…:)
    I’m waiting for the final release to have it as my main OS…


  65. Zlatibor

    I don’t know if I am the only one with this problem. I cannot connect via DSL (PPPoE). I enter username and password as usual and try to connect, but alas. I must point out that same way of connecting works on all other linux distros, heck, even on SolusOS 1.
    This is the only problem which prevents me of installing SolusOS 2, even in the alpha stage. I like this distro very much, it’s just the thing I was searching for. Any solution, Ikey?

    • “Alas”, What happens next? Need to know :) On S1 there was an issue with certain hardware
      playing up with the firewall rules, which could be fixed by disabling ufw

      • cmrt57

        Hi, Zlatibor,

        I had the same problem (see http://main./showthread.php&1417-Alpha5-no-DSL-connection). Ikey’s suggestion to disable ufw didn’t work (at least in the live session: “sudo ufw disable” returns “unknown command ufw”). What I managed to do was, using an installed system, manually download pppoeconf and its dependecies, dpkg the whole stuff and then things worked.

        I hope DSL connections will work from the start in the next (beta?) release.



        • pppoeconf was missing? My apologies! It shall be present in beta1

        • Zlatibor

          Thanks for resolving this problem and explaining it! I’m pretty noobish with linux, but I’m learning and solusOS is just a thing for me. Unfortunately, I’m extensively preparing finals so I don’t have time on my hands. Fortunately, by the time I finish finals, Ikey will surely publish beta1 with pppoeconf (as he said below) so I will just skip that mumbo-jumbo and download beta1 when ir comes out :)

  66. So far I’m liking this distro (I like gnome 2 so your approach with gnome 3 is great).

    I haven’t used a debian based distro in a while, and I can’t
    find my notes on getting Debian working with my Dell wireless
    with Broadcom chip, the BCM4312 as I recall. I’ve read
    the Debian wiki and installed the fwcutter package. then I was
    going to try broadcom-sta-source but that has dependencies
    galore and I have to reboot to another OS to download every
    time. I just need a temporary connection and then I can install
    wicd or network-manager from repository.

    I looked at the forums but didn’t find anything there either.
    Can anyone give direction here?

    • I Have the same chip working ? What exactly is the issue, no connection or card not recognised?

      • Well, there are at least 3 broadcom drivers that can potentially work with the chipset I have, and I used a different one under ubuntu so I was pointed in the wrong direction. It turns out that I should have been using the low power driver all along so I learned something.

        I ended up downloading the firmware (broadcom-wl-, then installed it with:

        tar xjf broadcom-wl-
        cd broadcom-wl-
        sudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware/ wl_apsta_mimo.o

        …and I connected right away then.

        I played with Alpha 2 for a while, then downloaded the earlier stable 64 bit release and am on it now… awaiting the next release of v2.

        Both are very nice.

  67. will there be none pae version?

    • Possibly.

      • Please do make a non-PAE version available. I just stumbled upon your R2A5 announcement on distrowatch last week and finally got to check it out down at a foodery where I’ve been allowed to switch 3 of the five computers from Windows to Ubuntu over the past year and a half. They are currently running 10.04 LTS with a theme which makes them look to be Windows 7; but am getting increasingly bothered by the changes in the Ubuntu system. (Unity is not acceptable for the general public. It has nice ideas but is too radical for someone just walking in off the street.)

        I’ll be moving one of the machines over to the Solarus B5 probably tomorrow.

        This is exactly the balance between elegance, backward looking, and progressive design I’ve been looking for in Linux.

        It’s also drop dead gorgeous!

        One problem I’ve been seeing with Linux distros is that many of them are coming out with PAE only versions. This excludes many older machines (Including my own *brand new* IBM Thinkpad R51 laptop). [I just found out about your 1.1 X86 version so I'm grabbing that right now so I can get some personal experience.]

        Another problem is that older (especially laptop) graphics chipsets are running 3d in software emulation as the binary driver blobs are now compatible with the newer Linux kernels.[ATI.. Ahem.]

        Gnome 3 and Unity do not work on these machines

        In reading your description earlier on how Gnome Classic works, 3d in hardware is not a requirement in your distribution.Very exciting!

        This is the most exciting distro I’ve seen ever since I originally stumbled upon Ubuntu in 2006!

        If the PAE requirement can be removed by nothing more than a compile option switch. Please, by all means do so! It will allow your distro to run on millions of computers around the world which otherwise will be forced to use older versions of software and further impede the progress of open source.

        Thank you very much for such a beautiful piece of work!


        P.S. The Website is not mine, It’s where I’ve been administering the Linux boxen and I highly recommend if any of you are in Seattle.

        • We need to make the PAE kernel an install-time option.
          Originally the idea was to have the installer in Eveline, but that’s carried over
          to Two now, so hopefully it’ll be non PAE and automatically install the PAE kernel
          for the user

  68. Ricardo

    I started using Linux a few months ago. I have tested since 2011 – November 32 distros. SolusOS 2 is fantastic! Simple, fast, elegant and … zero bug! Some customized settings and voila! If this is the alpha version …. :) I’m imagining the stable version :)
    Thank you for providing SolusOS.

  69. Very impressed!

    I tested your SolusOS 2 Alpha 5 LIVE version recently and everything seems to work just fine.

    No issues with WiFi

    No issues installing my external USB audio DAC

    No issues using an external display with my notebook. I was able to turn off the notebook display with no hassles.

    The only problem I had was not knowing how to use Gparted to do a final install, which prevented me from using it.

    I hope your final version will automatically install like Ubuntu!

    I think you have a wonderful OS that is almost ready to shine above others. I look forward to more!

    • Thank you :) We’re working on a new installer with proper partitioning :D

  70. Timothy

    Ikey solusos os 1.1 does not detect my ethernet and my wifi. I’m writing it’s on my iPad as it is the only device with Internet. Please help :(

  71. Timothy

    I think kernel 3.3.6 in solusos 1.1 depend support for Ethernet support with my hardware… In kerne
    3.4 ,3.2 and the 2.6.x series it worked just fine. Are you aware of such an issue ikey? : a drop in Ethernet support

    Thank you!! I am rally loving solusos 1.1 but with no Internet it’s not that enjoyable for me. I really like e frenza icon set

    • I’m not aware of this Timothy. The only issue I know of is with the firewall
      Tried disabling it?

  72. KingBongo

    Hi again Ikey. I hope you’re still reading this. I have an AMD 4600-series card and would like to know if it is safe to try out the newly released 12.6-legacy Catalyst driver? Will you include it in SolusOS 2 later on? It is my understanding that the latest combination that will (probably) ever work with that driver/card is Xorg-Server 1.12 + Kernel 3.4. Will you pass that combination in SolusOS 2?

    • 12.6 and 12.6 legacy will both be available. We already have 1.12 xorg and 3.3.6 kernel but looking to switch to a 3.4 kernel very soon

      • KingBongo

        Thank you! Please don’t go higher than that and break my system, lol. I think I’ll wait for a while until everything is in the repos then.

        I gotta say SolusOS 2 is coming along nicely. Fast as hell too, and I am running it from a full USB stick install!

        • Is it 3.4 itself or the whole series? Would be good to know I’m using AMD here :)

          • KingBongo

            I have NO idea. I read this stuff on Phoronix, so you be the judge :)

          • Fair enough mate I’ll check it out on Saturday, cheers :)

  73. Please include parted version 3.1 by default as all previous versions since 1.9 cause a crash on certain GPT-formatted systems.

    Another thing, though I’m not sure if it would be possible due to licensing issues, but it would be nice to include the free HFS+ drivers made by paragon to allow writing to HFS+ “journaled” partitions.

    Apart from that, I would like to thank you for the amazing work you’ve done here. Keep up the good work :)

    • Thank you very much Ahmad :) After looking at the site,
      the “For personal use only” thing and no clearly presented license indicates it
      would be a huge issue including it in our repos even

  74. looking good
    but no blueman and unable to bluetooth from i7 laptop to andriod phone. whats the admin password on the livecd so i can trial out blueman before installing distro please

    • There is no password tolga. Debian Live decided that you needed a password for everything which we’re totally
      opposed to. A LiveCD should Just Work (TM) So the Beta1 will have modified passwd/shadow and policykit files to nuke the password-prompts :)

  75. hello,
    I already reported this problem several times and never get an answer.
    SolusOS2, properly installed in Italian, Italian keyboard layout, the button “et” does not work ¸ euro button does not work, any symbol that requires pressing the right alt key don’tworks.

    • As I’ve stated on the blog and on IRC a few times mauro run this command to rectify your issue:
      sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

  76. fire-eagle

    What do you plan to do when the gnome team lets the fallback sesson die.

    • We’re already working on our own GNOME Classic based DE fire-eagle. We’re not gonna let a little
      thing like that stop us :)

  77. Hello, SolusOS is a very nice distro but I wish for the newer editions to use the Gnome 3 Mutter window manager for desktop effects instead of Compiz. Why? Because Compiz has a ton of issues with my graphic card, (Radeon hd 4250) resulting in titlebar tearing when enabling effects.

    • You’re aware that AMD are notorious for not working with GNOME Shell? Mutter is used by GNOME Shell.
      We don’t use shell, therefore no Mutter. Sorry. You’ll be able to install and use it yourself if you
      wish. Please note we use metacity by default running no effects, its up to the users to switch on
      the bling.

  78. does internet Connection sharing —- Wifi to Eth0 work yet— really been wanting that — for now i use LMDE witch goes to the login sceen and gives me wireless — i just leave it on all the time haha i wonder how much electricity that uses — i can’t put it in standby cuz i messed up my keyboard and it messes up when i turn it back on from standby so idk

  79. I use Window$$ because the school, I need to use “blockdown browser” for on-line exams (doesnt acept virtualization), “Adobe reader X” for e-books (DRM included), and so on….I used to use LMDE, but got issues with Wine 64 bits… my friends Soluos it’s the greatest so far, but sometimes the “world” makes me switch..

    saludos desde Mexico

  80. Reticent

    Please consider putting some sort of resolution settings access at the center of the initial screen display. Some displays just don’t match up to resolution defaults inherited by Linux and BSD drivers from early times. If not by icon, perhaps via right-click pop-up?
    Very nice alpha, By-The-Way!

  81. Reticent

    “Mudur, comar and pisi subsytems are intricate and designed to benefit from each other in order to deliver the essence of Pardus.” – PhiX, Pardus Guru April 06, 2012, 11:53:41 AM
    from a thread promoting the idea of a fork of Pardus.

    Reminds me of Texstar’s almost Herculean generation of PCLOS.

    Incidentally, I tried to Register on the Forum, and got an error message about some Image I couldn’t see – what’s that about?

  82. Reticent

    There are groups of Gnome fans neglected by serviceable distros like PCLinuxOS. I suspect a “market opportunity”.

  83. Reticent

    There’s debdelta for DebIan’s apt(itude), and the presto and fastmirror plugins for Yum(Ex) – how do they compare to Pardus’s PiSi?

    • debdelta is notoriously buggy, incredibly badly written and rarely (if ever) works. PiSi does this out of the box

  84. Ernesto

    Ikey, Could you take a look to It´s an applet that optimize linux for laptops, netbooks, etc improves battery life, etc… Do you thing will be a nice idea to included it to Soluos?

  85. Ernesto

    I tried the live cd version awesome distro, fast, responsive and very elegant. I just missed multitouch support, Lubuntu have it.

  86. paul thelson

    whats the update on alpha 6 or the rc? boy am i ready! great work over

    • We’re looking to rebase, expect a blog post tonight and an ISO in the next few weeks :)

  87. Thank you Mr. Ikey

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