The SolusOS team is pleased to announce the release of SolusOS 1.2. This is a maintanence release for the Eveline 1.x series. You can now download for 32-bit PAE or non-PAE, or 64-bit computers. This release brings many fixes and updates to SolusOS 1, including better printer, GPU and bluetooth support.

Brief overview of software versions

  • Firefox 14.0.1
  • Thunderbird 14.0
  • LibreOffice 3.6.0
  • Linux Kernel 3.3.6(with BFS/preempt/no dyn ticks/1000Hz)
  • iptables 1.4.8
  • ufw 0.31.1
  • hplip 3.12
  • GNOME 2.30

Many new applications are available in the software repository.

Please use the SolusOS Forums for support and feedback

About this release
The main reason for a updated ISO is so that users do not have to download hundreds of megs in updates for a new install of Eveline. The 1.2 ISO’s are fully up to date including our latest kernel builds. We’ve done some further optimisations to speed Eveline up even further. A visual refresh was given to Eveline to keep it current. If you’re running Eveline a simple “dist-upgrade” should bring you up to date. Anyone experiencing issues should check the SolusOS forums.

Known Issues

  • Some onboard nvidia chipsets suffer “black screen on boot”. 3.3 kernel KMS regression Will be addressed with a legacy respin (3.0 kernel)
  • gnome-bluetooth can be touch-and-go with certain devices. If you experience issues with the standard bluetooth suite please try an alternative like “blueman”

PAE vs Non-PAE

32-bit Operating Systems can only see and use up to roughly 3.2GB of RAM. If you have more, but don’t want to use 64-bit, please ensure your CPU supports PAE. If it does, use the PAE SolusOS ISO to utilise all of your RAM. If you have no need then just use the non-pae kernel. Even if your CPU supports it, if you haven’t got enough memory to warrant using PAE don’t use it. It carries a slight overhead and will use a bit more memory than the non-pae build. By this nature the 64-bit system is heavier still (trade-off for having more memory is you use slightly more to address all of it)

Using the FRW

If you use the FirstRunWizard to install proprietary graphics drivers please remember a few points

  • Install drivers before playing with Firewall rules. An incorrect rule can restrict internet connectivity
  • Wait until you see the “nvidia-xconfig” or “aticonfig” gksudo prompt (password box) and reboot prompt before exiting the FirstRunWizard. If you do not, your device will not be configured, and you will likely not be able to boot correctly (bad graphics mode or no display manager)
  • AMD Users: Some chipsets aren’t playing nice with the 12.3/12.4 drivers. For this we will package the 12.6-legacy driver in our repositories very soon. In the mean time please use official AMD 12.6 legacy driver download (from their site). You only need to go this route if FRW succesfully installs drivers but they don’t get “used”

Last but not least
Thank you to everyone involved in SolusOS. Without your help none of this would be possible. We
hope you enjoy this release as much as we have enjoyed creating it

32-bit Non-PAE MD5:


32-bit MD5:


64-bit MD5:


MD5SUM’s now updated and correct. Humble apologies for the mistakes – Ikey
  • Visual refresh
  • Better bluetooth support
  • Better printing support (hplip 3.12)
  • 3.3.6 kernel (BFS) kernel optimised
  • System-wide optimisations
  • Better GPU support (AGP)
  • LibreOffice 3.6
  • Firefox + Thunderbird 14
  • ufw 0.31.1 and iptables 1.4.8
  • Firewall disabled on boot (defaults: deny incoming, allow outgoing)
  • eog-plugins, disk-manager, htop and gthumb added
  • 64-bit appindicator support fixed
  • 64-bit Edition: 64-bit capable processor
  • 32-bit Edition: x86 Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 3GB free disk space
  • Display capable of 1024×768 resolution
  • A DVD-R/RW or USB thumb drive

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  1. kurbelix

    Hi, just installed the new version of SolusOS 1.2 on my laptop because the 1.1 have an issue of wlan connect on my laptop :) the new one is perfect, and i say Thank You! Will you add the install-encryption of /home to the next Version?

    • Yep :) Just please remember encryption of home directories will slow your computer down.
      Not only that, it only has any use if your computer is physically stolen. It will not
      stop hackers, etc.

  2. I am looking forward to installing eveline 1.2 ! good job ikey

  3. MarkMant

    Great release. Works fine. THX for this.

  4. Steve Nordquist

    It’s been awesome! Looking forward to the update, Devs! Runs well (no suspend) on deprecated (in Kernel 3) Athlon XP even. I just have to take my USB stick boot media out and shoot it, because I treated it as reliable normal physical media rather than a $9 stick, yielding Sense Key : Illegal Request whenever I open a menu (Ctrl-alt-F1…ctrl-alt-F7 keeps things going…at a steep price.)

    So here come the optimizations!

  5. Gersson Tao

    How to upgrade from 1.1 version?

  6. perfect!
    working perfectly in all my hardware configurations, great job Ikey.


  7. AviCom

    Good job, ikey!

  8. Carlos Felipe

    How can I fix this bug on Cardapio? The portuguese words are “Música” and “Vídeos” but look this prt sc

    Abraços! (hugs!)

    • My Apologies! I shall fix it once I have moderated these remaining 75 comments.

  9. Marshall Neill

    I am currently using LinuxMint Maya version with Mate. It fits all my needs. BUT, I on occasion install other releases, LMDE, Ubuntu to see what they are like. Also I have tried Gnome 3 and Cinnamon, which I do not care for, hence, I am using Mate. Your OS looks very promising in that you include so much and optimize AND you have Gnome 3.2. That in and of itself tempts me to install SolusOS. Mighty tempting. Looks like you guys/gals have really done some sweet work here. Keep up the great work. GNU/Linux is about choice and you have added a great choice to list of available distributions. Good luck everyone on the SolusOS Team.

  10. Marshall Neill

    I am downloading as I type this but I am wondering, since Gnome 3.2 is no longer being developed what are you plans for moving from Gnome 3.2?

    • We’re preparing the SolusOS Desktop Environment (based from Gnome Classic)

  11. Jean-Simon Chénard

    I am downloading it right now. Samsung R540.. I am excpecting something really nice and smooth. Ill give my review after setting up everything

  12. Alexander

    WOW! Just, wow! I recently heard of SolusOS and just installed this release that is v1.2, and came to a conclusion. This is probably THE best distro of many user-friendly distributions currently around…

  13. Installed latest version then upgraded to Gnome Shell 3.4 as the interface. Very fast and clean. Weird thing – when I try to add ppa’s designed for Debian/Ubuntu get errors about “templates.” Really nice OS. Have been using Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome Shell 3.4 and it is considerably slower than yours.

    • SolusOS 1.2 will not be compatible with GNOME Shell, only SolusOS 2.
      Also PPA’s are Ubuntu specific, not Debian

  14. Did the Slenderman participate in this project?

  15. Once again, all I can say is “amazing”. I’m actually considering dropping OS X for this.

    I just wanna report one little annoyance for me. During installation, I cannot select sda4 as target for bootloader. I only get sda, and sda1. I then have to install grub manually.

    I know that its normally a bad idea to install grub to the linux partition boot sector, but I’m using another bootloader in the main MBR!

  16. why my comment keeps being removed?

    • Nothing is being removed, apologies for the delay in moderation

  17. I have new Samsung NC108 Plus, I want to try SolusOS 1.2 on it. But the max screen resolution only 1024×600 (on Windows). So, would it be safe to try it anyway? Thanks.

  18. I like your hard work! my english is not perfect because i’m spanish, but i installed this version on my netbook and runs great! when SolusOS 2 done, i want to install it! i tested solusOS 2 alpha 5 on live session and runs very faster, better than gnome fallback of ubuntu 12.04, and very stable! this is the better linux distribution i’ve tested.

  19. Good job, thanks for this beautiful OS.

  20. Hi guyz,

    i’m working with Linux since 2003, i’ve tried many distros, but my main distros was OpenSuSE, also in the previous 2 years i used Ubuntu & Mint, Now and after 3 days of testing i switched all my 3 Desktop
    1- Dell Optiplex 990 (8GB Ram, 500GB Disk, Core 15 cpu)
    2- HP Pavilion (Core 2 Due, 4GB Ram, 320GB Disk)
    3- Lenovo 550 (Core i3, 3GB Ram, 320GB Disk)

    i switch all these desktop to Solus Linux and i got :

    1- Very fast distro (Booting, Filemanager work, etc..)
    2- The first distro care of Arabic fonts (Used beautiful Arabic fonts for Titles, etc) infront of Mint & Ubuntu.
    3- The stability Concerning running complicated work including( Running Virtual Machines ) 3 Virtual Oracle Weblogic Servers.
    4- The Easy of use and the well managed shortcuts to system areas.

    i start supporting this distro in My Personal site because it Cares..

    Thank Team for the Influent work …

  21. Superb job dev’s!
    Great looking, great performance & functionality.
    Its amazing that a small team can transform Debian into such a nice to use distro & still use the Debian repositories.
    This is hands down the best implementation I’ve encountered.
    If I were able to ‘remaster’ Debian this is exactly how I would have done it.
    Will be going on to all my machines permanently.
    Thank you very much!

  22. Tempted

    I have another question, how long will Gnome 2 be supported by Debian, and by you? I mean if we install this, how long before we no longer have repositories and any applications to install?


    • Supported for 1.5 years *after* Wheezy becomes the new stable. We’ll provide a seamless upgrade path way before this happens :)

  23. You guys really go on with this nicely and please the people!!

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