Many people attribute the success of SolusOS to the underlying system modifications, patches or enhancements. But there is one role that is often overlooked. It is the artist.

As good as SolusOS may be, what on earth would attract you to it if it was ugly? That is perhaps a question to ponder. As much as people may claim that we seek the inner beauty, it is true in most cases.. but first impresssions do count. The first impression of SolusOS is the aesthetic feel. You wouldn’t give it the space on your hard drive to test it, if it looked bad :)

This is a belated, but well deserved thank you to Blake Angelo, the official SolusOS artist. He designs your backdrops, makes themes work, and his artwork is seen through all of the SolusOS websites (even the logo on this one). I wish to personally extend my thanks to him, for his sheer brilliance in transferring the SolusOS ethos and principles from something as abstract as software principles, to truly beautiful works of art that are the face of SolusOS.

It is my personal hope that other companies will recognise the signifance of Blake’s contributions to a project such as SolusOS, and I wish him the very best in his endeavours. On behalf of every SolusOS user, and the team, I thank you.

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  1. Really a good artist.

  2. hÚRIN

    You guys rock. Thanks Blake for the “hart work” put into this xD

  3. I just can’t explain to you the overwhelming feeling of gratitude for such meaningful feeling of your side.I may even thank you ikey for letting me be part of your amazing project. you may not remember way back when I was a newcomer to the Linux world and you guys were the ones that walked me through and answered my questions. let alone forgiving my occasional foolishness :P you guys simply rock!
    you make it sound as if you owe me a thank you .. let me say that your trust in me and your patience are alone the “thank you” I need. I was committed to your project since you told us back in ~2009 that your going to develop your own OS that’ll rock (and you did indeed) all because I believe in your amazing ability as a benevolent leader. and I’ll continue to support SolusOS as long as I have a penny in my pocket. the best is yet to come!

  4. Nice work indeed. Is he still working with SolusOS? Your thank you sounded like a farewell letter. I hope he is still providing artwork for SolusOS.

  5. Nishant

    Thanks Blake… Keep it up..

  6. Hear! Hear!

  7. It’s a fine trait to say thank you to the ones who have helped you along with SolusOS. Then again, that’s just like you.

    On a completely off-topic note. Your posts seem to have disappeared from Google+. You have too for the most part. Are you not posting on Google+ any longer? Just wondering.

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